As the General Manager at The Athlete’s Foot since February 2019, I’ve led the company to significant milestones, including increase in topline sales and improved margin growth in purchasing from 2018 to 2022.
I founded and developed the “TAF Sneaker Care” sustainable initiative and guided the company towards its first profitable year under Intersport Group Denmark ownership in 2021.

My role involved comprehensive management of sales, inventory, business development, and e-commerce, alongside guiding franchise owners in the Faroe Island, Sweden, and Denmark.

Prior to this, I served as a Buyer at Sportmaster, managing the Lifestyle category for 100 stores and e-commerce, and as a Business Owner at Invictus Sport, where I developed an online platform generating significant annual turnover and established four physical stores.

My earlier roles include Store Manager at Sportmaster, leading a team of +70 people, and Sales Manager at Nike Store by Sportmaster.

Throughout my career, I’ve consistently focused on growth, team leadership, and customer engagement, making significant contributions to the sports retail industry in Denmark.

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General Manager at The Athlete’s Foot,

februar 2019 — january 2024

  • Sales management
  • Inventory managenment
  • Purchasing
  • Business development (founder of the sustainable initiativ “TAF Sneaker Care”)
  • Marketing
  • Managing profit and cost budgets
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Expansion planning and execution
  • Managing store staff members (+100 people)
  • Managing HQ staff members (e-commerce)
  • Guide and onboarding franchise owners (Faroe Island, Sweden, and Denmark)
  • Concept management
  • Analysing new markets (2020 Intersport Group DK announced “master-franchise” in the Nordics. Business plan and presentation for the Intersport International Corporation, IIC.)
  • Omni-channel execution (onboarding tablet ship from store instore)
  • Negotiations with brands, landlords, franchise owners etc.

Buyer at Sportmaster

december 2017 — februar 2019

  • Head of purchasing Lifestyle category (100 Sportmaster stores and e-com)
  • Inventory management
  • Managing buying budgets
  • Strategy execution
  • Negotiations with suppliers
  • Sales analysing (ST, margin, inventory etc.)
  • Building brand stories (activating 100 stores and e-com)

Business owner at Invictus Sport

juli 2014 — november 2017

  • Sales management
  • Inventory management
  • Business development
  • Customer care
  • Establishing strong partnerships, Bloggers, events, associations, brands, companies etc.
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Sales events planning and execution
  • Construction of an online platform with a turnover of DKK 1 million. Per year
  • Building SoMe platforms
  • Construction of 4 physical stores
  • Finance and liquidity management
  • Accounting analysis
  • Working with the chairman and board
  • Presentations for bank and other interest of the business

Storemanager at Sportmaster

maj 2011 — juli 2014

  • Managing and motivating team members (+70 people)
  • Sales management
  • Customer care
  • Managing sales budgets
  • Inventory management
  • Managing staff schedule
  • Visual merchandising

Sales manager at Nike Store, By Sportmaster

februar 2010 — maj 2011

  • Managing and motivating team members (+15 people)
  • Concept management
  • Building brand stories
  • Sales management
  • Customer care
  • Managing sales budgets
  • Inventory management
  • Managing staff schedule
  • Visual merchandising

Sales advisor at Intersport

februar 2009 — februar 2010

  • Sales advising
  • Customer care
  • Managing sales budgets
  • Inventory management
  • Visual merchandising

Trainee at Sportigan

februar 2007 — februar 2009

  • Sales advisor
  • Customer care

Visual merchandising

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Clare consulting


My core values are the guiding principles that dictate my actions and decision-making process.

Customer first

I prioritize my customers above all else. Their satisfaction is the heartbeat of my business, and I dedicate myself to exceeding their expectations with every interaction.


My passion is the fuel that drives me to innovate, excel, and lead in my industry. I approach every challenge with enthusiasm and a relentless pursuit of greatness.


Integrity is my cornerstone. I believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching, ensuring honesty and fairness in all my practices.


Excellence is not just a goal but my standard. I strive for superior performance and quality, committing myself to continuous improvement and innovation.

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