B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

With extensive experience in direct consumer sales, I’ve thrived both as an independent business owner, overseeing store operations, and as a store manager for some of Denmark’s major sporting goods retailers. Throughout my career, I’ve always placed exceptional emphasis on customer experience, dedicating myself to enhancing it for the companies I’ve served. Discover my insights on creating outstanding customer experiences in my article “The Good Customer Experience” here. (Link to article)

B2B (Business-to-Business)

My background includes comprehensive experience in sales for various events, offering companies custom solutions with their unique branding. A significant portion of my own business’s revenue stemmed from B2B transactions. Additionally, my roles as a buyer and most recently as General Manager at The Athlete’s Foot have deepened my knowledge and understanding of B2B dynamics.

Optimizing Top-Line Revenue

Elevate your business’s revenue. I have a track record of significantly boosting top-line revenue in multiple scenarios.

Optimizing Profits

Drive profitable change in your business operations. I have consistently enhanced earnings in various contexts.

Sales Analysis

Refine your purchasing and inventory strategy. My extensive experience in various analytical roles, including as a buyer and General Manager responsible for the buying department at The Athlete’s Foot, has honed my ability to optimize company purchases.

Inventory Optimization and Realization

Prepare your inventory for the upcoming season. My experience includes both expanding and reducing stock to balance inventory volume with customer demand. Learn more about supply and demand balance in my article here. (link to article)

Project Management for Buying Deadlines

Facing tighter deadlines and increased work pressure? I offer substantial expertise in managing purchases and budgets during high-pressure periods.

Concept Development

Adapt swiftly to evolving consumer behaviors. My experience includes developing concepts that align with consumer demands.

Project Management

Need equilibrium in a hectic project? With my experience in various projects, I can support your business, allowing you to focus on essential company tasks. Explore my project management strategies in my article here. (link to article)

Construction of Stores

My expertise covers the construction of both large commercial and smaller niche stores. I have been involved in store development for brands like Sportmaster, Intersport, Invictus Sport, and Magasin Du Nord.

Daily Interaction with Business Owners and Managers

Engaging regularly with business owners and managers is crucial for development. I offer consistent support and collaboration with business leaders.

Staff Training

Looking to elevate your staff’s proficiency with your company’s KPIs? I specialize in training, monitoring staff performance, and providing constructive feedback.

Bridging Franchisees and Headquarters

Foster stronger ties with your franchisees. My extensive experience in concept management includes fostering positive and constructive relationships between franchisees and their headquarters or chain offices.

Large Network

Seeking strategic sparring and connections in sales, purchasing, and business development? My extensive network can offer valuable benefits to your company.

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